Week of Nov.14-17

Hi folks: A short week due to interviews and holiday. A couple of notes only..

  • Read And Record- please remember to fill in and sign your child’s reading log with them.
  • Math review sheet-complete by Thursday morning
  • no spelling homework this week

Book Fair preview is tomorrow and buying on Wednesday or Thursday. It will be open during interviews as well.

See you all this week at interviews! Have a great few days.

Bethany L. πŸ™‚


Week of November 6-10

It is Veteran’s week. We will be doing a few activities around that theme this week and ending the week with a school assembly led by the grade four classes.

Notes on the week:

  • Scholastic Book orders are due by Thursday, Nov.9
  • Interview times will be going out Tuesday and Wednesday of this week
  • Homework for this week:
  • Read and Record
  • Spelling sentences- long A pattern- ay, ai,a_e words. 5 words in a sentence and use punctuation.
  • Math -I am posting a Math activity on Study Ladder.ca. Info is in the plastic sleeve of your child’s homework folder.Continue Xtra Math practice as well.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚


PT Interviews

Hi everyone. We met as a staff yesterday and did interview times for siblings in the building first. I am asking parents with one child in our school to check your schedule(s) for Nov. 16-17 to see whether Thursday evening or Friday morning would be best for your interview times. Let me know by email at : balucas@edu.pe.ca. Interview times will be going out next week.

Have a great weekend:

Bethany L.

Week of Oct.30-Nov.2

Hi everyone. Great weekend weather, so hope you’reΒ  enjoying it! Lots going on this week so see notes below.

Homework this week:

  • Read and record
  • Study list words in agenda; no sentences this week
  • Math sheet ( inside plastic sleeve at the back of the homework folder)

Notes on Halloween Day:

  • Students can dress up. No masks or makeup please!
  • There are two families signed up for treats. If you’d like to send something along, email me at balucas@edu.pe.ca ( **no nuts**)
  • Students will be attending the Spooktacular during their gym time on Tuesday πŸ™‚


  • Wednesday, Nov. 1 onward- please only send 2 treats in your child’s lunch for various health reasons…
  • Please have your child dressed for cooler weather. Label clothing items in case they get lost.

Have a great week: Happy Halloween!!!

Week of Oct.23-27

Hi everyone. Fall is here! We have a busy week coming up:

  • reminder to send extra socks and sweaters or jackets as the fall weather is cooling off. Label jackets please in case misplaced.
  • Fall clean up sign up sheets will be going home on Monday. It is voluntary- if you’d like to volunteer with the your child, fill in return the form.
  • picture orders went home last Wednesday- Deadline is Oct.31

Homework this week:

  • Read and Record
  • Spelling – sentences for the words are due on Thursday of this week. minimum of 5 words in a sentences; capital and a period or question mark. Short vowel sounds with one or 2 syllables depending on your child’s list.
  • Math – counting money!! Have you child count some change for you!

Have a great week!

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚


Week of October 15-17

Hi everyone: It’s a short week due to the PEITF convention on Thursday and Friday of this week.

We are finishing our health unit and starting our Social Studies unit about PEI geography on October 23. In Math we are continuing work and review on number sense and this week we will begin counting money! Great skill to practice at home as well.Hoping to start handwriting this week too!!

Homework this week:

  • Read and record ( 15 min.)
  • Math sheet – review of writing numbers. There is a word list on the back of the sheet to help your child spell number words. Use it as a reference.
  • Note: We will be practicing word study on short vowels again this week but no new list until October 23.

Have a great week:

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Week of October 10-13

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the long weekend.

Our class was full of shining stars at the assembly on Thursday; they were awesome with the poem and the songs. Well done!

Notes for next week:

It’s Fire Safety week. There will be a book going home and a chance for your family to go over fire exits etc. All grade 3 students on PEI will receive a copy of the fire safety book.

Reminder that Scholastic book orders for October are due on Thursday, Oct.12

Agendas will have the words of the week written down for your child to study. The agendas are 5 dollars.

Homework this week:

  • Read and record in the reading log
  • Spelling words to review- sentences will start next week. Our focus is short vowel sounds in 1 or 2 syllable words depending on your child’s list
  • Math -Practice Xtra Math, and finish subtraction facts from the folder.

Off to enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Agendas have arrived! Homework review.

Hi parents/guardians:

Our student agendas have finally arrived. I will distribute them out tomorrow morning with the homework bags. It’s used to record homework easier ( dates and weeks organized for us), and there is a spot for them to record their words of the week, so you can easily look back and review lists from previous weeks. The school is asking for 5 dollars to cover the cost of the agendas since they are not included in the school supply fee. Send it along when you can.

Reminder of Thursday being our last day and concert day ( 1:30). Food drive continues. Thanks to all that have sent food already. Spelling quiz will be on Thursday as well, so review the words.

Xtra Math- make sure you are using my email address (balucas@edu.pe.ca)when using it at home on a tablet or computer. The App may ask for you to pay for it, so refrain from buying the app please! It should be free. Students should continue practicing speed and accuracy on the website.

Have a great rest of the week:

Bethany L. πŸ™‚


Food drive for the Food bank begins today to link with our school assembly/concert next Thursday.

Catalogs are going home today for our fundraising efforts for Sherwood school. Selling is optional. Funds benefit our school.

Orange shirt day tomorrow for children’s rights ( based on a first nations child’s story) and Terry Fox run in the afternoon. I’m wearing orange in the morning and bringing my Terry Fox shirt for the afternoon! Have your child dressed to run and proper footwear please.

Happy Thursday!

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚