Week of June 18-22

Hi parents: Time is getting closer…

Notes for next week:

  • search for library books- some students have overdue books at home
  • No homework this week!!
  • reminder about Field trip permission forms and $15.00 to be sent in by Wed. June 20
  • We do not have any parent volunteers for Friday, June 22 at Shining Waters. Students will be put into groups and will check in with myself and other staff attending. I will form groups early next week.

Other notes for the last 3 days will come later next week!

Have a great weekend:

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚


Shining Waters

Hi Parents: The permission form and letter should be going home tomorrow with your child. The cost is 15 dollars for the entrance and bus fee included.

Please send along payment by next Wednesday, June 20th. Last call for parent volunteers as well!

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Week of June 11-15

Hi everyone! We are into the middle of June and as busy as ever!

We have looked at next week’s weather and have decided to move the Picnic to next Thursday afternoon ( June 14). A few more days to wait for them unfortunately!

Homework for this week:

  • Read and record only

Spelling and Math will be done in class. You can practice Math online if you wish.

Have a great week!

B . L. πŸ™‚



Hi Folks..we are done of assessments!! Congrats to 3C for their hard work.

Reminder that we are planning on going to the park tomorrow afternoon weather pending. Send along towel, blankets and items in a marked bag even if the weather is not in our favor. We will still have everything to go on our raindate on Tuesday, June 12Β . Thanks for you organization!

Bethany L. πŸ™‚


Week of June 4-8

Hi everyone: We are into the “home stretch” of the school year. Notes for this week:

  • Primary Math Assessment is on Wednesday and Thursday mornings this week. Review of facts for your child is something you can do for homework.
  • Book Orders for June are due on Friday, June 8th.
  • Science Unit- plants; we have been working on soils already.
  • We will be going off school grounds on Thursday or Friday afternoon ( weather dependent based on forecast) to Centennial Park with the other grade 3 classes for a picnic and some play time. A note will be going home to inform you of this; just sign and send with your child. We are celebrating being done of Literacy and Numeracy assessments- big year for grade 3.

Homework this week:

  • Read and Record
  • Practice Math facts
  • Spelling will be done in class for the month of June. No spelling homework-YAY!

Have a great week!

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚


May 28-June 1

Hi everyone: We are into our last week of May ( hard to believe!). Students were treated to an ice cream sundae and play time on Friday afternoon. They worked very hard on their assessments and we wanted to celebrate being done.

Our next push is on Math.Β The Primary Math Assessment ( PMA) is on June 6,7. It takes about an hour each day so we will begin at 8:45 and stop around 10-10:15. Please try not to have any scheduled appointments and be on time for those days please.

**To help your child, you can review operations with them- addition, subtraction, and multiplication and some division. **We are doing lots of review and we are finishing our geometry unit as well. Mass of objects is our final outcome for later this week.


  • Read and Record
  • Math Sheet-naming solids and polygons
  • Spelling- comparatives ( -er,est words) ; we will be doing sentences in class so no word homework this week.

**Note– I haven’t heard from any parents to volunteer at our end of the year Field trip on June 22nd. If you plan on volunteering, I will need to know asap. Criminal Record checks must be up to date as well. **

Have a great week:

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

May 22-25th

Hi parents: The children did a great job at completing assessments last week. Mrs. Spencer and I were very proud of their hard work!

This Week:

  • Tuesday, May 22- regular day!
  • Wed, May 23- Assessment Reading # 3 ** Make sure your child is at school on time**
  • Thurs. May 24- Assessment Reading # 4- DONE!!
  • Friday, May 25- Regular day and a special treat in the afternoon- it will be a surprise πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

We are planning to increasing our math time after Thursday of this week to two periods per day to get the students prepared for Math assessments in June. It’s been a busy year in grade 3 for sure!

Thanks to all families that purchased Pancake Breakfast tickets. Saturday, May 26th.

Cash draw tickets must be returned this coming week. Deadline is Thursday, May 24th. Please return all unsold tickets as well.Β 

Homework this week:

  • Math Sheet on review of subtraction and using polygons
  • Reading is optional this week due to assessments
  • No Spelling this week

Happy Victoria Day weekend!!

Mrs.Β  L πŸ™‚

Week of May 14-18

Lots going on this week! Pay close attention to the items below:

  • Assessments begin this week: Reading #1-Tuesday; Reading #2-Wednesday; Writing piece- Thursday. Please make sure your child is rested and has breakfast before coming to school for those days. We write at 8:45 a.m. sharp. No preparation is necessary for these days. It is a “snapshot” of what students in the primary grades can demonstrateΒ  in their literacy development. We have a relaxed approach so that students don’t find it stressful. We just want them to do their best. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
  • Cash Draw tickets are to be sold or returned by Friday of this week.Β Even if you do not sell any tickets, please return the unsold tickets that your child received. Thank you!
  • Pancake Breakfast tickets go on sale this week for May 26th ( Saturday). Tickets must be purchased ahead of time ( none at the door) to prepare for that day. Tickets are $6.00 in advance. Please support our school and enjoy breakfast together that day!!
  • Scholastic Book orders are due Tuesday, May 15th.

Homework this week:

  • Math Sheet on review of place value
  • Reading is optional this week due to assessments
  • No Spelling this week

Happy Mothers day!! I hope you enjoy your gifts from your child! Have a great week.


Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Week of May 7-11

Hi everyone. Hoping to see lots of sunshine this weekend. There is a lot going on this week so pay attention to the points below

  • Book Fair Week!- we see the books on Monday, March 7th. Our buying day isΒ Thursday, May 10 at 9:15 a.m. Check the school website or newletter for more details.
  • Summer tutoring sign up is due this Monday, May 7th. See the school newsletter or contact our resource teacher-Natasha Moore as soon as possible if you want to be added to the list for your child.
  • Spring Clean Up- there will be a flyer going home this week for your family to sign up to help clean up the Sherwood School grounds and gardens. Friday, May 11 from 3-5 pm. Please think about helping out our school.
  • Wednesday, May 9, we attend High School Musical. Cost is 11 dollars. A letter was sent out early last week about our school attending.
  • Parents that want to chaperone our end of the year field trip to Shining Waters can email me as soon as possible. Our date is June 22 ( Friday). Raindate is June 25th(Monday). You will need a criminal record check completed in order to chaperone. balucas@edu.pe.ca is the best address to reach me.
  • Our Literacy assessments are coming soon. May 15,16,17th in the morning and May 23,24 in the morning. Please make sure to have your child here on time and well rested for those days.

Homework this week:

  • Read and Record
  • Word Choice
  • Math Sheet
  • Book orders for Scholastic ( May) are not due until May 14th since the book fair is this week.

Have a great week! πŸ™‚

Week of April 30-May 3

Hi everyone. The weather is warming up, and grade 3 are gearing up for new things! We have a special guest presenter, Brody Webster,Β  coming to our class on Tuesday afternoon ( May 1) to speak about culture in Kenya and then we will compare it to PEI.

We are reviewing Math outcomes and wrapping up our fraction unit.

Reading samples in fiction and non-fiction are completed and students are getting feedback on answering questions. They are learning how to do it. Great effort so far from 3C. Mrs. L. is proud of their hard work!

No classes on Friday, May 4th due to teacher meetings across the province.

Homework this week:

  • Read and record-15min. of good reading and answering your questions!
  • math-study ladder on fractions
  • word choice for Spelling- try to do different activities; not the same one each week as it get repetitive for your child. Our focus is words that use a vowel and an ‘r’ sound at the beginning middle and end of 1 and 2 syllable words.
  • Library books are overdue for some students-get them in please.Β πŸ™‚

Have a great week everyone!

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚