Feb. 20-23

Hi everyone: I hope you are enjoying your long weekend! Happy Islander Day!

I am sending interview times out this week. Some families have similar times and some have been adjusted due to scheduling. Please confirm as soon as possible, in case other changes need to be made. Thanks very much.

** Battery Blitz will wrap up this week**. Send along batteries before Thursday, Feb.22.

We have been working on our measurement unit, and continuing to review mental math skills and number patterns. In science, we will begin our next unit on magnets- a grade three favorite!

Homework for this week:

  • Read and Record- don’t forget to sign please!
  • Spelling- sentences this week. We are working on ‘action words’ with “ing” endings. It is the same list as last week. We are building sentences using past and present tense with action words. Try to encourage your child to not use “I” as the start for every sentence. We are reinforcing that at school as well.
  • Math- Xtra Math & review facts to keep subtraction skills strong.

Have a great week!

Mrs. L.




Week of February 12-15

Valentine’s Day Candy Grams!
The Grade 6 FI class will be selling candy grams on February 8th, 9th and 12th to help raise money for their end of year cultural experience to the Magdalen Islands. Candy Grams will be sold for $1.00 and will be delivered to homeroom classes on February 12th, 13th and 14th. Candy grams include a small treat bag with an accompanied note that is filled out by your child and delivered to their friend(s). Thank you very much for your support!

The school has taken on the project of a ‘Battery Blitz’. We had our opening of this project on Friday afternoon with a visit from the Earth Rangers animal rescue and presentation. It was a big hit!!! If you have old batteries collecting dust in your house, bag them up and send them to our school to be recycled. We are trying to win a pizza party with our total numbers as a school, so your support is appreciated!

Wednesday, Feb.14 is Valentine’s Day. We have two families signed up for snacks. Students will pass out their Valentines after little recess in the afternoon. A class list of names went home in the homework folder last week.

Homework for this week:

  • Read and Record- don’t forget to sign please!
  • Spelling- choice activity list. Pick one activity to complete. No sentences this week. We are working on ‘action words’ with “ing” endings.
  • Math- sheet to complete for measurement. There’s a game on the back for you and your child to play. Very simple and fun too!
    • Have a great week and Happy Valentines Day!! πŸ™‚
    • Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Week of February 5-9

Hi everyone. Happy February! We have a busy week ahead:

Monday Feb. 5- Day 6. Return library books. Library class is Tuesday, Day 1.

Wednesday, Feb. 7- Book order due. Make sure boxes are here for project on Thursday.

Thursday, Feb.8- Science Project day!! We are doing our build and share.

Friday Feb.9- Spelling quiz for “ing” endings.

In Math we are beginning our measurement unit and continuing to review numeracy and addition and subtraction. We are doing more problem solving this time of the year as well.

Homework for this week:

  • Read and Record
  • Spelling work- sentences this week! Words with “ing” endings- same list as last week.
  • Xtra Math. Still working on accuracy and speed for facts.

Have a great week:

Mrs. L.Β πŸ™‚



Update for Feb.1

Hi everyone: With our 2 snow days this week, I wanted to remind you about a couple of items.

  • Our Math quiz will be tomorrow, Feb.1st on two and three digit estimating, adding and subtracting. There will be 2 word problems as well.
  • homework will continue to be spelling choice from the sheet in the folder and study ladder ( 2 tasks).
  • the February Book order is due next Wednesday, Feb.7
  • Science projects will now be on Thursday Feb.8. We need two more sessions for our science stations to be completed. Send in boxes anytime!

Tomorrow will be Day 4 in the cycle.

Bethany L. πŸ™‚

Week of Jan.29-Feb.2

Hi everyone- how this month has flown! We are busy wrapping up science and math units and we have completed a writing piece that we will use to gather data within the school. It’s been a busy month!

Notes for the week:

– Monday, Jan.29th-Day 3 review of 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction and estimating sums and differences.

– Tuesday, Jan.30- Math quiz for addition and subtraction and estimating. Science stations complete ( hopefully).

Wed. Jan.31- No classes-PD Day. Turnover semester day.

– Thursday & Friday, Feb. 1, 2- Bring boxes, items for structure projects.Β 

Homework for this week:

  • Read and Record
  • Spelling work- there is a small choice board sheet being sent home in the plastic sleeve of the homework folder. Your child is to pick one of the activities on the sheet to complete in the spelling scribbler for word work this week. No sentences this week!
  • Study Ladder- word problems to work on.

Have a great week:

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Week of January 22-26

Hi everyone. January is humming along! We have a few things coming up this week:

1. Addition and Subtraction problem solving week. Basic facts are still a learning priority for some students. Please review facts.

2. Writing to prompt this week. We are giving the students a writing prompt and having them write on that topic. No preparation is needed. We use the writing to see what students are capable of doing independently at this point of the school year. We prepare them in advance and we will probably start writing on Wednesday.

3. We are completing our science stations hopefully by the end of this week. Final project will be the week of January, 29-Feb. 2 ( Students are off on Wed. Jan. 31st for PD day and semester turnover). Please send along smaller boxes and containers that your child can use to build a structure for the final project.

4. Phys Ed classes may be outside this week, so make sure your child has snow pants, mittens, and hats.

Homework for this week:

  • Read and Record
  • Spelling sentences- 10 words this week
  • Xtra Math practice for those needing to get to subtraction; work on addition and subtraction skills at home. Study Ladder can be accessed anytime as well.

Have a great week:

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Reminder- skating!

Hi parents: I had forgotten to send the reminder on the weekly blog that we skate this Friday, Jan.19th.Please ensure your child’s skates, helmet, and gear are ready to go for that day. We will be at the rink around 1:00 p.m. so if any parents are available to help with tying skates, that would be great.

Have a good week:

Bethany L.

Week of January 15-19

We are already into mid January! The month is flying!

Inside your child’s plastic sleeve in the homework folder is a subtraction strategies list that we have been using in class when we subtract large numbers ( N8, N9). Feel free to try a strategy with your child or have your child demonstrate his or her best strategy to you. We will be completing 3 digit subtraction this week and beginning to write and solve word problems using addition and subtraction skills.

We have also begun our science stations with the help of our librarian, Kurt Duncan. Kids are enjoying it!

  • Book orders are due on Tuesday
  • Remember to have extra socks and clothing in your child’s school bag so you won’t get a phone call during the day if your child gets wet clothing..
  • snow pants are important to have each day; hat, mittens as well please!

Homework for this week:

  • Read and Record
  • Spelling sentences- 10 words this week
  • Xtra Math practice for those needing to get to subtraction; work on subtracting at home. Give your child 5 questions to solve.

Have a great week:

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚

Week of January 8-12

Hi everyone. The weather has put a halt to a few things this week! When the students return on Monday, make sure they bring their homework bags. There are 3 activities on Study Ladder in Math that they can work on. Xtra Math practice can be done as well. Some students are behind in their fact work.

Next week, we are doing a focus on 2 and 3 digit subtraction strategies. Review subtraction facts at home when you can. As well, we will begin our library stations for Science in structures. Our final project will be at the end of the month. Keep those boxes from Christmas!

Homework for next week:

  • Read and Record
  • Spelling sentences- 10 words!! We have moved up!
  • Xtra Math practice to get to subtraction section.

Have a great weekend and we’ll be glad to see everyone on Monday.

Mrs. L. πŸ™‚